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Blockchain Innovation & Goodwill

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it is impossible to set proper goals
unless you see what is possible!


What is The BIG. Ventures

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Faith is the greatest competitive advantage that one can have

The belief that everyone has the capacity to do anything and that nothing is impossible, is so empowering that it has lead us to the realization of the our true potential and has taught us the skill to identify an opportunity when it presents itself.

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The most gifted craftsman are the most undervalued

Real artists are those who go out every day, use their art to put a morsel of food in the bellies of their children. While their art is worthy of value, it is highly undervalued.

NFTs have given us a chance to help the artists that deserve it the most, and the rest of the poverty stricken world

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Karachi, PK

  • Complex knowledge of Blockchain Technology

  • Development of top tier smart contracts on mainnet

  • Deep understanding of Solidity, Assembly and the EVM

  • Clean Code Writer

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