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About BIG.


Blockchain Innovation and Goodwill

Blockchain for the World

We believe that the power of blockchain is revolutionary and has the potential of resolving major world issues from scarcity of water, poverty and terrorism to data security, copyright infringement and globalization challenges.


Faith is the greatest competitive advantage that one can have

The belief that everyone has the capacity to do anything and that nothing is impossible, is so empowering that it has lead us to the realization of the our true potential and has taught us the skill to identify an opportunity when it presents itself.

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The most gifted craftsmen are the most undervalued

Real artists are those who go out everyday, use their art to put a morsel of food in the bellies of their children. While their art is worthy of value, it is highly undervalued.

NFTs have given us a chance to help the artists that deserve it the most, and the rest of the poverty stricken world



The BIG. Team was responsible for launching one of the first in the world and the first restaurant in Asia to realize the power of blockchain and accept crypto-currency as a mode of payment inspired by a Hospital in Pakistan that became the first hospital in the world to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.



After years of running the food business starting from a small cart to a successful joint, the founder M. A. Lala started the BIG. Company. He had invested 500 dollars in an NFT and after selling it for 20,000 dollars, he realized that this was a breakthrough that had the potential to change the world.


Entrepreneur x Philanthropist x Tech Innovator

At a very young age of 14 I found out that there were two things that were dear to me. The first being technology and innovation and the second being helping those in need of it the most and thus my journey began.

I started developing websites for clients while in parallel started volunteering for multiple charities from working to provide water to water deprived parts of the world to working for the facilitation of displaced and war stricken people who became victim to the terrorism crisis in the Afghan-Pakistan Region.

Wanting to combine the both, I waited for years for an opportunity to present itself and in the April of 2021, lightening struck. You know the rest!

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Believers x Hustlers

We believed in the vision and we decided to take a leap of faith believing that we were destined for something big, something bigger than what we were already doing or ever had the chance to do.

It is time to change the world!


It is impossible for one to think an impossible thought



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