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The BIG. Solutions


Innovation, Improvement and Development

A major part of The BIG. Ventures is innovation, improvement and development in blockchain technology and web 3.0.
We plan to research and introduce products that will convert the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies from being mere investments to real and practical products with countless utilies. 

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The 1st NFT collection in the world to be used to fund a company aiming to resolve major world problems and innovate blockchain technology. The purchasers of pieces from this collection will be considered the first and only members of The BIG. Partners.



NFTs for Underrated and Deserving Artists

A part of using the art and skill of undervalued artists and craftsman in order to financial support them.


The BIG. Wallet | The BIG. Exchange

All trades in one place!
FIAT, Crypto currencies, Digital Assets and Company Stocks all in one place on the easiest and most user friendly interface out there connected to The BIG. Wallet.


The BIG. Money

We are working on the crypto currency that will have the potential to replace all currencies in the future.  It will be a cryptocurrency that will allow you to buy and sell with ease online and at your local businesses



Digital and Physical Integration Research

With the power of blockchain and digital assets, we are now able to connect Physical Assets with the Digital world using the simple technology of RFID chips. We plan to provide services and integrate the technology in our tech projects in the near future


The BIG. Technologies

The idea might seem far fetched but in the very near future, The BIG. Ventures is planning to launch it's physical collectables project ranging from smart phones and gadgets to electric cars, all registered as rare NFTs on the blockchain.

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